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Our case study portfolio proves our attention to delivering outstanding services

We believe that the strength of a company is often measured in the kind of relationships it develops with its customers; that the proof of excellence in our services is reflected through case studies that showcase our work.

Our solutions and services are always evolving to meet our customers' developing needs. Below we have a continually updated selection of case studies. Here, our customers speak for themselves about the benefits of our solutions.


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So Quartier

"Telappliant has eliminated our multiple phone systems and integrated our geographically dispersed accommodation with a unified and flexible VoIP telephony solution. We manage the VoIPOffice phone system remotely, which saves us considerable time and it integrates with a bespoke hotel phone billing platform, which works perfectly for us." Baji Shaik

Posted | in accommodation and food

De Cotta Law

"We approached Telappliant following a recommendation from a client and have been a customer ever since. Telappliant provides us with a low-cost, flexible call package, which works perfectly with our VoIP PBX appliance and has a crystal clear billing arrangement." Alistair Castillo

Posted | in professional


"VoIPOffice has grown with the business and proved to be reliable and to significantly reduce our overheads. Telappliant is always happy to respond to our unique demands and I highly recommend VoIPOffice Hosted for Call Centres to other businesses." Trevor Tsang

Posted | in finance and insurance

Gold Travel

"Telappliant has been brilliant. Our first experience of a VoIP provider wasn't particularly good, but since we've switched to Telappliant we haven't looked back. We love the features and flexibility of the system, and the support we receive from our account manager is excellent." Urfan Azad

Posted | in arts and entertainment

E-Services Group

"Telappliant brought together our three separate analogue phone systems into one low cost, high performance solution. I would most definitely recommend Telappliant to other businesses, especially call centres and those looking to unify their telecommunications." Gupi Wasan

Posted | in communications

Douglas Stafford

"We've worked with Telappliant since 2007 and they have responded to our constantly evolving need ever since. Most importantly, the VoIPOffice Hosted telephony system provides us with low cost calls. The system's flexibility and functionality however are also major benefits." Ben Sargeant

Posted | in retail

Conrad Electronics

"We discovered Telappliant following a recommendation from a client. This is our first experience of VoIP telephony and we are extremely happy. VoIPOffice is very easy to use and provides us with the information we needed to ensure each agent in our UK Customer Contact Centre is managed effectively." Irfan Dadabhai

Posted | in retail


"Telappliant were more than happy to meet our changing needs with a flexible and accommodating package. Their VoIPOffice business telephone system is extremely cost-effective, scalable and reliable, and their ongoing support is invaluable" Henry Ayres

Posted | in communications

Vibrant Media

"Our IP PBX solution is great and having a competent company run it is invaluable. The flexibility of a true VoIP system without the commercial lock-in of other proprietary manufacturers means I can expand this system more rapidly and cheaper.” James Bromberger

Posted | in communications

National Homebuyers

"There were less teething troubles with packages that were created specifically for us than those that were already in existence with other provider" Kirk Fletcher

Posted | in real estate


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