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Established in 1999, 247 Spares Network trades in the motor industry...

...generating sales leads to clients who recycle and deplete cars and light commercials on behalf of major insurance companies in the UK. 247 Spares has two main branch offices in Kingston upon Thames and Orlando, Florida. It has a total workforce of 18 employees spread across the UK, Northern Ireland and America.

247 Spares was operating with 20 analogue phones which were costly to maintain. In addition, they had to bear the added cost of keeping in touch with overseas staff. The high call volumes often crashed the equipment at least 3 to 4 times each day, which reiterated the need to adopt a cost-effective and reliable call management solution.

With sights set to expand the company, they were looking to outsource all calls to different locations and have home workers take the calls, which give the flexibility of having staff work different time zones while also reducing overhead costs of having a large office.

The pressing need for 247 Spares was to reduce costs incurred via the 20 analogue phone lines and implement a highly scalable solution that would easily integrate with existing infrastructure and require little capital outlay.

The company was also incurring heavy staffing costs in London and wanted a solution that would enable them employ remote workers.

Reliability and flexibility were priority concerns with the need to connect from anywhere in the world without incurring costly telephone bills. 247 Spares essentially wanted to be able to handle calls anywhere at anytime and required good call quality with the ability for staff to keep in touch while travelling.

Having experimented with VoIP previously, 247 Spares was keen to implement a complete VoIP solution. However, they were concerned that the technology was still in its infancy.

Customer Comment

"We have continued to expand the solution and it is as robust as it was when it was first implemented. It's Telappliant's sincere dedication to assisting us to achieve our goals that stole the show. That's what won our trust and our business.

We are looking to expand our business model in the USA and would like to integrate the same solution. Telappliant has no doubt been a company that has listened to our needs, been there when we needed them, helped us grow and expand and been as robust and committed. We wish to work with Telappliant on our USA project in the near future.

Thanks to Telappliant our customers can now reach us round the clock anywhere in the world by dialling a UK number. Being able to rout calls to any part of the world is something we could have never done before. Working with Telappliant has been worth the investment allowing us to expand not just in the UK, but globally".

Alex Khan, 247 Spares Network


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20 employees

20 employees



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