18 March 2011

Companies with sustainability obligations may want to look into IP telephony solutions from Digium in order to help the firm meet its own ambitions.Angie Reed, product marketing manager for Digium's Switchvox solution, suggests that St Patrick's Day on March 17th may have put the concept of 'green' back on a lot of business agendas."Digium is green from the way that we recycle paper, plastic and aluminium to the way our office is built," she writes on the company's blog."Not to mention the green initiatives we adopted into our product design," she adds, which work alongside equipment recycling schemes to help customers of Digium IP telephony solutions to meet their own green targets.In its Environmental Affairs Policy, Digium pledges to reuse and recycle materials as a means of conserving resources.This extends to its manufacturing processes, where it designs equipment that can be disposed of without damaging the environment.

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