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VoIP take-up 'increasing with IT budgets'

Posted 3 years 8 months ago in: General VoIP, VoIP Hardware
VoIP take-up 'increasing with IT budgets'
Telappliant News: 2011-01-06
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Companies are embracing multimedia solutions such as VoIP as IT budgets start to swell again in 2011, it has been claimed.

In an article for Network World, Shane O'neill revealed it is almost guaranteed that firms will be looking to expand their cloud computing solutions in the coming 12 months.

There will also be a rise in the demand for mobile business devices, Mr O'neill added, as enterprises look to put the majority of the company network in workers' pockets.

A migration to a cloud model is likely too, he said, as more and more bosses try to take advantage of the cheaper pay-as-you-go pricing models, while reducing internal complexity and the number of servers to manage.

The writer highlighted research by Gartner Group, which showed the proportion of US corporations using cloud solutions is expected to jump from eight per cent to more than 50 per cent in the next two years.

Using unified communications technologies such as VoIP can reduce a company's carbon footprint by allowing employees to work from anywhere, T Jowitt explained recently on ZDNet.  

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