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Big business 'switching on to the cloud'

Big business 'switching on to the cloud'
Telappliant News: 2010-12-20
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Cloud computing is "coming of age" in large companies, according to a survey, news which could mean more firms implementing VoIP solutions in the coming years.

The study, commissioned by software company CA Technologies, showed 80 per cent of businesses with over 1,000 employees use one or more cloud services, with more than nine out of ten of the very biggest firms saying the same.

"Collaboration tools" such as web conferencing are the most common form of cloud deployments, the analysis continued, while the primary incentive for 43 per cent of implementations is to save money.

Cloud computing business general manager at CA Technologies Adam Famularo remarked: "This study confirms that large enterprises are exploring the benefits of the cloud and are looking to expand from basic services like collaboration to more complex infrastructure and platform cloud services."

He added the findings demonstrate enterprises are changing their attitudes to cloud computing and how they can enjoy the benefits it provides.

IT website defines cloud computing as any technologies that deliver hosted services via the internet.

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